Pelvic core work BOLALOA

¥16,500 (税込)
Would you like to take the first step in the 100-year life era at BOLALOA?
By guiding the pelvis, which is the center of the body, to the correct position, it brings you closer to a healthy and ideal body balance.
We will support you to enjoy your daily life by adjusting your posture and body shape, which can cause discomfort in your lower back and fatness in your lower body!
Poor posture due to tilted pelvis due to long desk work, lack of exercise, loose body after childbirth, etc., can easily distort the bones of the whole body and muscle balance.
If your body remains strained, everyday life itself will put an excessive burden on your muscles, making you more likely to feel fatigue and pain.
When you feel tired or in pain, your brain sends out a command to "stop moving" to avoid the action itself, resulting in a lack of exercise and further deterioration of your body balance.
The pelvis, which is also the center of the body, is an important joint that supports the upper and lower body.
Balancing the pelvis is important not only for relieving discomfort in the lower back and lack of exercise caused by bad posture, but also for aiming for a healthy and ideal body.
The "cross slit belt", which is a feature of this product, is designed to hold and tighten the pelvis moderately from 360° by rotating it around the waist and firmly holding the pelvis.
In addition, we have adopted a "cushion pad" that gently and softly presses the points around the pelvis, imagining the points used in acupuncture and moxibustion! It supports the pelvis firmly and aims for a beautiful body balance with less burden on the body.

<How to use>
① Remove the hook-and-loop fastener on the gray belt.
2. With the removed hook-and-loop fastener in front, pull the fabric of both legs, put on one leg at a time, and firmly raise the waist rubber part to the waist position.
③ Make sure that the gray belt is not twisted, and fasten the hook-and-loop fastener. At this time, adjust the strength with which the gray belt tightens the pelvis at the position where the hook-and-loop fastener is attached.
④ Next, hold the left and right sides of the gray belt and slide it to fit your pelvis and stop it.
⑤ After aligning the gray belt with the position of the pelvis, tighten it at the position where the hook-and-loop fastener is attached, and adjust again.

<Precautions for use>
・It is to be worn over innerwear.
・If you feel sick or any other abnormalities during use,
please stop using the garment.
・Please do not use it while sleeping.
・Please wear the correct size.
・Please do not use the product for purposes other than its intended use.
・Please do not wear with high compression products.

The following people should consult a doctor before use
・Those who currently feel swollen or lazy due to illness or injury
・Those with high blood pressure
・Those with visceral diseases
・Those with blood circulation disorders or those who have a past medical history person with sexuality

<How to save>
・Stop the hook-and-loop fastener and put it in the net to wash.
・Avoid using straightening desiccants such as dryers and irons, bleaches, and fluorescent brighteners.
・It may shrink slightly after washing.
・Due to the nature of the paint, the color may fade, so please refrain from washing with white or light colors.
・Do not leave it wet for a long time.
・Check that the belt is not twisted, and fasten the hook-and-loop fastener before storing.

[Product name]Pelvic core work BOLALOA
[Size]M, L, LL
[Capacity]1 piece
[Country of origin]Japan