Hair Wassan

¥34,100 (税込) ¥41,470 (税込)

Original power of hair and scalp brought out by natural ingredients from ancient times

It prepares the original scalp environment of hair and scalp.
No synthetic surfactants, hormones or steroids are used, and natural ingredients that have been used for a long time are blended without additives with a focus on freshness. It prepares the natural scalp environment of the hair and scalp, suppresses the smell of the scalp to be worried about, and gives the hair luster.
Please use it not only for men who are concerned about the scalp environment, but also for women who are concerned about hair loss due to split hair, cut hair, split ends, postpartum, etc.

KADOMORI's unique resonance component is used as a base, "Electrolyzed water". It also contains tourmaline, which smoothes blood flow and activates the excretion of waste products.

<How to use>
①Spray hair wassan, focusing on areas of concern on the hair and scalp.
②Use your fingers to blend in and massage your scalp in a flicking motion.
③Open your fingers wide, grab the entire scalp, and apply a comfortable amount of pressure to loosen it.
④Touch the bee on the head with the entire palm, apply a little pressure, and massage upward while drawing a circle.

<Precautions for use>
・Be careful if you have any abnormalities on your skin before using.
・Discontinue use if cosmetics do not suit your skin, that is, in the following cases.
・If you continue to use cosmetics as they are, the symptoms may worsen, so we recommend that you consult a dermatologist.
(1) When abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, irritation, color loss (white spots etc.) and darkening appear during use.
(2) If any of the above abnormalities appear on your skin after exposure to direct sunlight
・Do not use on areas with abnormalities such as wounds, swelling, or eczema.

<How to save>
・Keep out of reach of infants.
・Do not leave in places with high humidity, extremely high or low temperatures, or in direct sunlight.
・Avoid long-term storage after opening, and use as soon as possible.
・The color and fragrance may change, but there is no problem with the quality.


[Product name]Hair Wassan
[Country of origin]Japan


Water, ethanol, Tamogitake extract, arginine, carrageenan, rose canina fruit extract, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, tourmaline, jersey extract, citric acid, peppermint oil, menthol, BG, phenoxyethanol