¥66,000 (税込)

[KADOMORI all-purpose pottery cassa that can be used in 4 directions]
[KADOMORI Original Guasha] Used in KADOMORI treatments
We received a voice from a customer who wanted to sell it, and we were able to sell it beautifully! !
KADOMORI Cassa is made of ceramic so as not to put a burden on your skin.
Just use it as it is to lift up your face, but if you use SYNCHRO MASSAGE CREAM to gently massage your face, it will lift your face even more.
★ KADOMORI all-purpose pottery Kassa that can be used in 4 directions ★
It is designed to be easy to use not only on the face, but also on the scalp and the details of the face.

< How to use >
Before using it on your face, we recommend applying the cream to your face to prevent friction.
In front of the ears → Face line → After washing the neck, let's wash from the center of the face to the outside from the tip of the chin to the forehead!

< Precautions for use >
Because it is ceramic, it may break if dropped. Please be careful when using.

< Storage method >
Since it is highly absorbent, if it is stored with moisture remaining, it may grow moldy. Please be sure to dry thoroughly before storing.


[Product name] KADOMORI Cassa
[Material] Ceramic
[Weight] 41g
[Country of Origin] Japan

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