Carboxy carbonate pack

¥8,800 (税込)

[Japan's first! The strongest carbonic acid pack that does not require acupuncture]
Carboxy carbonate pack generates carbon dioxide gas with gel and sheet,
You can expect the effects of promoting blood circulation, tightening pores, and giving your skin a glossy finish.
The carbon dioxide gas lifts dirt from the pores and softens the keratin, making it easier for the beauty ingredients contained in the pack to penetrate.
Furthermore, it is expected that metabolism will be improved by promoting blood circulation.
Carboxy carbonate pack is characterized by "Carboxy therapy" by carbon dioxide gas.
By injecting carbon dioxide gas into the subcutaneous tissue without using acupuncture, the cells are made oxygen-deficient,
It promotes blood circulation by bringing more oxygen in the blood to the cells.
When blood circulation is promoted, the peripheral blood vessels expand and the amount of blood flowing through the skin increases, so nutrients are distributed widely to the cells and the quality of the skin improves.
Carboxy's carbonic acid concentration is 5 times that of conventional carbonic acid packs.
Carbonated packs can be expected to be more effective as the amount of carbon dioxide gas increases.
The carbonic acid concentration of the carboxy carbonate pack is said to be 50,000 ppm, and higher effects are expected by injecting high-concentration carbonic acid.

<How to use>
①Cleansing/face wash
②Prepare gel
③Apply gel from under the chin to face
④Put the sheet mask on and press firmly
⑤Peel off the sheet mask from the face and wash with water

<Precautions for use>
No gas is generated when using gel alone or sheet alone. Please use the gel and the sheet together. Do not remove the sheet when it is dry. Also, if it is dry, moisten it with water and peel it off. Please use up the gel at once. Avoid using with exfoliating cosmetics.

<Storage method>
・Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, or in direct sunlight.
・Keep out of reach of infants.


[Product name] Carboxy carbonate pack
5 carboxy mini kits
30ml gel x 5
Face and neck dedicated sheet x5
Dedicated brush
[Country of origin] Korea


Water, sodium bicarbonate, glycerin, xanthan gum, ethanol, licorice root, phenoxy ethanol, methylparaben, glucose, eucalyptus leaf oil, dextrin, BG, chrysanthemum flower extract, honeysuckle flower extract, Rosa centifolia flower extract, rugosa flower extract, pagoda bud extract, Oninodake root extract, cnidium extract, Japanese red pine extract, sawtooth extract, armadillo root extract, angelica nuishima root extract, caprylyl glycol